Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The One with the American Soldiers

Lately,I have been thinking about my brother a lot. You see he is a soldier in the army. He is deployed right now in Afghanistan, with many other soldiers, fighting to keep us free and safe.
My brother is brave, he is strong, and I believe he was born a warrior, he always wanted me to play war with him when we were little. He was always the one when we played capture the flag, and were to cold, or wanted to go inside, we would have to yell to, and tell him we were done playing because we couldn't every find him. He of course would think we were pansys, but he was just too stinking good at it. My neice calls him a proffessional sneaker. Now that is what he does. Its not a game anymore.
 Now, until my brother went in to the military and went oversees, I didn't much think about it. Being in a war nowadays is much different then in times past. It doesn't effect our every day lives, its not in our face all the time. When my brother shipped out this year, everything changed for me and my family in that sense. We think about my brother, and the war a lot. When ever we hear anything about Afghanistan our ears are glued in order to catch every detail to know whats going on. You see I used to be one of those that selfishly goes about my life without giving second thought to those that gave up their life, or those that are fighting at this moment so that we can maintain that life. In one sense that is why they are fighting so we can maintain our freedom, and safety and not have to worry about it. But in another sense, I would challenge you to put yourself in the shoes of those whose family members are oversees fighting.I know in my family, every phone call, email, contact of any kind, everyone drops what they are doing and runs like the house is on fire to talk to my brother. We pray constantly, wondering if while we are sitting on the couch, he is cold and wet on the ground waiting and watching, doing God knows what, and all we can do is pray, and give it to God. Its hard. I have such a admiration for those family's of those in the military. And I am so proud of our men and women in uniform. They give up so much of their freedom to fight for ours. So this week, when you are eating dinner with your family, think about the soldiers that are fighting so that you can do just that, and say a pray for them.