Monday, July 16, 2012

Way over due for an update

Well my world has been turned upside down since the arrival of our little princess. She is amazing.
Whenever someone meets her they always say "she is such a happy baby". She has a full body smile lol. She is extremely active and already walking. She says mama, dada, and Yay! She loves to go outside . She loves dogs and gets so excited when she sees them. She loves people and starts babbling to strangers and flashing her grin.
She is definitely a handful. She is a nearly perfect baby except for sleep. She hates sleep. I think she thinks she is going to miss something fun. She is getting better but it has been a long exhausting road. When I was pregnant I read every book, blog, and article on babies sleeping. Maybe I some how knew this would be an issue. But all those authors never met my little one lol.
But we are working through it and I have tried to enjoy the late night snuggles, as they will be gone before I know it. It has been a harder road then I thought but my little girl is truly a joy. I love her more than I ever knew was possible.
I will leave you with a video of my little princess walking =)

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