Friday, March 12, 2010

The One With My Birthday

I have wanted to start this blog for a while, and today is my birthday, so I thought it would be a great day to start. 
It has been an awesome day in so many ways, and to be honest I wasn't sure it was going to be.
It all started  when my hubby woke me up by singing me Happy Birthday with 2 candles in 2 frozen ding dongs (on a side note if you haven't tried frozen ding dongs you should, they are great amazing).  Then I went to the dining room, and there were flowers, a card, and presents. I then had to get ready for work as he made me breakfast. As I left for work, I opened my car door, and he had completely cleaned it YAY, and there was another present sitting on my seat, (yes we are that cute couple that makes you want to puke, lol). It was a wonderful start to my day.
At work, it was a pretty good day, got some good news, that I had been waiting for. Then I got another surprise when in walked my hubby with one of my favorite coffee drinks. It was a very fun surprise. I didn't work to long today, and went home to a great lunch, and watching Rachel Ray (which I love). After that, I went to get my hair cut, which I was soo excited about because I haven't had it cut for almost a year, it has been to long. I loved my hairstylist she was fun, and she did a great job =). Then was dinner at my parents and both sides of my family were there. We had a very yummy dinner and one of my very favorite desserts Blackberry Cobbler.  I got a lot of great gifts. Although its funny as you get older, the cards were what got to me this year. I have a great family and I love them very much. This birthday was great low key, but yet I felt extremely special. It goes to show you, you don't have to spend a lot just letting someone know you love them, and you are important to them is such a great gift to give =). So thank you to all my family and friends who made this day especially great! Well, I'm off to relax before bed. The birthday celebration continues tomorrow with a day of just me and the hubby, and maybe some shopping too, we shall see.
Nighty Night


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  1. just wanted you to know I love reading your blog:) Nice way to connect with you a bit more! Sounds like you had a great birthday, and have a super hubby ;)