Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The One with the Talented People

So I have come to realize that there are many people in this world, who do not like people who are extremely talented. I never really noticed this until after I got married. You see my husband is an extremely talented musician. You might think I'm bias, but I'm not. Way back when I first met him, he was trying very hard to impress me, and I in turn was trying very hard to not be impressed lol. But anyways, I still remember sitting there and him telling me he can sing. Now I was thinking, sure yeah you can sing, whatever. Well then he started to sing, and I think that my jaw hit the floor, he really could sing. Then as I got to know him, I also found out he can play just about any instrument, and he can do it very well, and write beautiful music. The type of music, where everyone falls silent in order to listen. Anyways, back to my original point, people don't always like this. They try to put people down who are greatly talented. Why you might ask, for lots of reasons, but  jealousy or poor self esteem are probably the two biggest. You can see this with the popularity of reality shows, and paparazzi. The reason they are so popular is people want to know that these talented people are real, and that they aren't perfect, so in turn they feel better about themselves. Its pretty sad actually, but its the truth.
Well, here is the thing, everyone is talented, in their own way. Maybe you wish you could sing, or take be an amazing photographer, but take a good look at yourself and see what your talents are. You may be thinking, I have no talents. Well maybe they just are not quite as visible to people as some other talents. You might be awesome at doing hair, calming down someone when they are hurt or upset, or maybe you can read a story to a child better than anyone. All of these things are talents that are important. God made us all individuals, and with different talents. If we take the time to find the talents in others, and utilize them and praise them instead of tearing them down, we can see the many wonders of God. We can find our own talents, and put them to work. If we were all good at the same things, that would be pretty lame. Variety is the spice of life. So the next time you see someone with an extreme talent, and that little bit of jealousy starts to rise up, remember to praise them for it, God put them here to bless the world with that gift, take it as a gift, and remember you have gifts to bring to the table too.


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  1. Wow. Danni - what a great article. We have to talk and keep in touch. My best friend was a Marr & married a Mann - they live in Louisville, KY. I play piano, compose songs & sing... Keep on supporting and loving your husband, as you do. You are the 'wind beneath his wings' - the heavens are the handy work of God - where he will declare his glory. Blessings. zoesinger