Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The One with Dreams to Reality

So lately I have been wondering when. When what you might ask? When what has been put in my heart from the time I was very young will start to be a reality. Yes, I have reached some of my dreams, but their is so much more I want to do. Sometimes you wonder how long you will have to do other stuff to get to what you really want to do. I guess some people go their whole lives doing just stuff, and not really what is in their heart. Its a lot harder than you may think when you are little. You just think I'm going to be "fill in blank here" when I grow up. Well, what happens when you are grown up, and that isn't your reality. Some may curl up in a ball and cry, or some may decide they want something different, while others strive to go towards it. Are there any guarantees that you will reach your goal? No, not really, but I refuse to believe that I won't get there. I decide to have faith that I will get there if I continue to follow what God tells me to do. But then you have to wonder if you are doing everything to get there. I try to go to bed every night and ask myself, "What have you done today to be at least 1 step closer to your dreams?" Its a tough question, because you can get so caught up in the business of life to forget to work towards it. But I will continue to work towards my dreams. I was born a dreamer, and I married a dreamer, we can't help but dream for the future.  I however am not going to just dream, but work towards it, even just baby steps every day. "A dreamer who reached her dreams" That is what I strive to be =)


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  1. I so enjoy your blogs. :)
    Yes, Danielle, dreaming is the foundation of everything that we have in our man-made world. Without dreams there would be no TV, no cars, no electricity, to name a very few. Faith is the substance of things hoped for; without our hope there is nothing to give substance to. You are right, hope delayed makes the heart sick, but when the answer comes- even is it is encouragement to continue to pursue- it is the tree of life, it multiplies our ability to stand. Dreams really do come true, I know that. And you will see the fullness of your dreams, maybe not in the 'time-frame' we construct, but they will un-doubtably come true. Blessings! <3 :)