Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The one with the question of a Boy or Girl

So when you get pregnant you are asked tons of questions.
Do you think its a boy or girl?
Well I at first thought its a boy, basically because I always thought I would have a boy first. Then I began to think that it could be a girl. So basically I don't know, but what I do know is that I'm so excited about this little one. This baby is part of me and part of my hubby, and whether a boy or girl,  I couldn't be more excited to meet him or her.
Then you get; Do you want a boy or girl?
Well to answer that simply I want both. I want a little boy who wants to do things "just like daddy" He brings dandelions to me from playing outside. A little boy wrestling with daddy, and showing us his muscles.  His pockets are full of rocks, dirt, bugs, and lots of other things when he comes inside.
I want a little girl who is my "little helper". She will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Have tea parties, well and probably play football too (she will be mine haha). Her little curls bouncing, and of course the little adorable clothes!  I want both. So either way we will be thrilled. There are so many wonderful things about having a little boy or a little girl. What are some of you favorite things of having little boys or girls?


  1. Just wait, the questions get more and more annoying! :) I'm with you, I want one of each. Now that I have a boy, I really hope I have a girl sometime too! So far my favorite part about having a boy is just having my little man and calling him "Buddy" and other such names. Can't wait to hear what you're expecting!

  2. I want you to have twins :)

  3. I cant answer for the girl part being I have 2 wonderful boys, but the parts I love is how close they are to me, and just hearing that he loves me, and the smiles I get from them. Having a child is the BEST gift god can give to a person, and you & your husband are going to be GREAT parents, bc you are GREAT people!

  4. I love how my little girl is a mini-me! She is so full of imagination and personality! She loves to dress girly, but will not hesitate to have a burping contest with her father haha!

    I love how my little boy looks like his father spit him out, and I had nothing to do with it. He is looking up at me right now (having just woken up) with the cutest little half asleep grin. He isn't walking, so not doing to much right now, but he gets soooo excited when he accomplishes something. :-)

    I cannot wait for my little cousin to experience this! I am so happy for you!

  5. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to find out either,and David I think they would have figured out by now if I was having twins, but this won't be the last one so don't worry. =)