Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Favorite Thing about Pregnancy

I'm now 34 weeks. Only 6 weeks till the due date. It has started to go by really fast, and I'm hoping it continues through this crazy heat we have been having.
I have had a great couple of weeks. We had baby showers, and friends visit. It has been wonderful. Its so fun to see how much this little one is loved already and she isn't even here yet. I'm so thankful for my wonderful family and friends who have done so much for us in this new exciting time.

So I was thinking the other day that it is really easy to list the difficulties of pregnancy especially since I picked one of the hottest summers to be pregnant. But then there are so many great things about being pregnant. Focusing on them helps get through those extremely hot days, and swelling feet.

One perk for me is living healthier. At least for me it is so much easier to eat right, and exercise with the constant knowledge that its for someone else too. Of course feeling your baby move is amazing. Knowing that there is a little person growing and moving inside is indescribably wonderful. But my favorite thing through this pregnancy journey, has been watching my hubby fall in love all over again. The first time he felt her move, I will never forget his face, it was priceless. When she moves to his voice, or he sings to her it brings tears to my eyes. This in turn has made our love even deeper. It's amazing to think this little one is a part of me and a part of him. I can' t wait to meet her and watch him fall even more in love. I know that this baby girl will have him wrapped around her little finger in no time. That is by far my favorite thing so far through this pregnancy. I know its only going to get better when we meet this little one.


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